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wounds, are entirely prevented, or very nmch lessened, by the care-

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value in judging the degrees of pollution present, it does not show

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Meerut. The number of cases of enteric or typhoid fever has

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the inhabitants from absolute want in the event of the failure of the

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astonishing regularity, frequently re-appearing in successive years

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cases in which it may at present be difficult to decide with perfect

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Dr Thomas's cases illustrate the well-know-n value of persevering

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Antineuralgics. — ^Another group of drugs, the antineuralgics, have

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kaemia, apparently without effect, or at best with only transitory results.

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of absolute alcohol. The resulting precipitate was removed by

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2 results fatal, i severe, i doubtful, 2 none; no pro-

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(3.) Separate Divisions for Male and Female Patients. — It is

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tion has been carried out. Ether was used because it provided an

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after delivery. It was so in this case. From the time labour

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{b) that cholera is multiplied in the human economy. But this

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oxalate of iron or Blaud 's pills, or one of the organic preparations, when

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taken place, although she speaks and acts quite naturally, and

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Quarterly Journal of Medical Science," it is stated that the doctrine

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of any standing, it seldom does so sooner — at least such has been my

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Finally, if the patient is very weak, tonics (iron, arsenic, sodium

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the habitual indulgence of violent unruly passions might be in one not

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same vessel, a milk of any desired composition can be obtained. We can,

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epidemic area. Cholera is extricated in the endemic area as soon

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sally reproduced over the central provinces, advancing towards the

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part of which is attached a brass cup c. This tube is held in the

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emulsion in the shaking bottle by means of the Thoma-Zeiss hemo-

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example, where the extreme extension of the liead, existing in an

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author may be summed up in a passage quoted by himself from

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however, in women than in men. Haygarth states, that having