5th. It should never be administered in any preternatural
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wound hurt somewhat, and the surrounding tissues began to
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while the other enters directly into the posterior columns.
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between croupous pneumonia in children and typhoid fever and
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ing with strychnine in which chloroform was employed with advan-
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distinct than this. The existence of such a force in the fully
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iii, C3-70. — Cantani (A.) Sottrazione di calore me-
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But instead of trying to turn the medical profession into a
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ral Fever and Erysipelas," Edinbutgh Med. Journal, March, 1876, p. 774.
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there is, or may be, a difference of 0})inion as to the
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which point he embarks for Bombay, India, his future field for work.
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had been i)laced in a false; position, which did not
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acceleration of the flow of blood through the part is the only
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main, and not a few of the ills from which children
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shower bath and the combination of sulphate of quinine and
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August 28th, I P.M., patient was brought to delivery
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obliquity, until they are collected together into the cauda equina.
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ones, which are most important. A few observations on these
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he was convinced that Pruritus ani was practically al-
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of anatomical study. When, in spite of church opposition, a revival of
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and vacillating, and lose in some degree both memory and readiness or
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sends four patients to the asylum, numljer two sends
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all operations in surgery. — J. A. White, in Mary-
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be given every six or eight hours, until ptyalysm be produced,
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