lobes being involved, in whom there was absolute anuria for one day
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' On these, and quite a number of other cases, I have
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to 4'09 by the correction. Govan and Partick surpass the
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zur Frage des Zusamnienhanges von Augen- und Nasen-
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septic, acting specifically on the septic form of in-
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the knot already made. This expedient was first recom-
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drawn therefor was accepted. Subsequently a petition for
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course, however, an exuberant reaction took place, and
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soned that it could not be a disturbance of the peri-
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left for twenty-four hours, at the end of which time a large tube is placed
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Duration of the Disease. — Gunn states that the aver-
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in a cluster. Tubercles may be formed also in any part of the connective
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It is well known that in this young country many a worthy
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greater than with one stroke. If several shocks are given before a muscle
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repeated indulgences. The stimulant accomplishes the
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time, the site of the former deposit looked perfectly normal.
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infectious than the later stages ; the folly of in-
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the official preparation more commonly used for horses.
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others escape when, in those days, the entire population
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sion du nerf tibial posterieur par uu cal aucieu; nial plan-
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utes " by the "fit." Dr. Cornwell found her cyanotic, breathing ster-
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two or three cells being involved. The cells undergo changes which have
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centage of therapeutic triumphs as a result of their practice, while
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should likewise be removed by the finger-nail or curette
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it by compelling it to excessive action. In all such cases there is some
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escape, to implicate the nerves, and finally to destroy them.
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contrary, the *' breath cure " encourages breathing very much
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rightly treated, no aflection of the articulation may
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does not hold good when the conjunctiva is the seat of the disease,