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faces be brought together. In the course of 8 or 10 day-

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was it wholly wanting. It depends most commonly, if not always,

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In all cases these attached strings are motile. The movement may

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blunt or pointed, or pass deeply into the muscular structure, or so

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Without affirming that they are certainly distinct, Koch

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This increased formation of acid may apparently be a result of the toxemia

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forearm. He also had disease of the suprarrenal capsules. He did not bleed

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Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Pennsylvania Medical College.

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li.is never heeii seer In u- in an\ ea-e where a traumatie pneumotlior.ix

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In all cases these recommendations are based upon a favorable report

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and diastolic. Of the cases in which a systolic murmur was heard, the

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spirits of ammonia. The limbs should be vigorously rubbed toward

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this tape- worm has long been believed to infest some fish or other aquatic

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Well, then, I am persuaded that when the physician is called

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and cysts, it is the author's rule at present not to drain. Occasionally,

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making it unnecessary to use morphine and such drugs,

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have for every other form of disease that has come under their notice. —

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upper part of the thighs, below the scrotum, I and a little oblique. It has not yet been

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loads him down with a constantly increasing burden of new

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and that, not until this day. The Conunittee, theref<^ret had

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hard to accept the statistics of Ingalls to the contrary. Men are

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commercial intercourse between tropical countries and

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Reynolds was re-elected to the presidency by a practi-

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result is the same, namely, the prevention of the natural grind-

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iodine as a local application to bronchocele, to inflamed joints, and to

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In addition, if an epidemic is to be eradicated, cases must be at

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in boiled water, to free it from grit, squeezed dry, to free it

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drawn from the analysis of urine in patients suffering from scurvy, and

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graft. The wound has remained healed (Fig. 3B). Her last

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fused with fluid containing phlorizin. The writer 20 has observed that

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transient. 4. The action on the digestive organs is stimulant, and is