places are much paler than others, and the spots have a dull

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From the author's preface we quote : " There is a strong convic-

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Gazette a short statement showing the use of the ophthalmo-

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parae, curetted the cervical canal, scraped the cervix free

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examination of the Cerebrum after heing four days in Muller's

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custom for eminent medical men to take part in these

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cold, when employed to freeze the part after Arnott's method.

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special cause. Coronary fibrosis, the author thinks, may

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be distressed, not with the heat in the soles of the

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educated the sense of touch, the more advantage they would

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mitior, or slow nervous fever, has also been more prevalent

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should be fed upon a good but plain diet — should take plenty

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round with pearls "), or of gyri, when only a portion of the peripheral

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Calenda, who lived during the reign of that notorious prof-

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bacilli, when old, may react in the same way, show how little value the method really has.

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upon. Dry cups, between the shoulders, and a blister upon the

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of fullness deeply seated in the back of the nose, a stinging, tingling

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as to the superior coronary vein, half of which is involved. Carcinoma cells in the blood of the

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of the muscles the knees seem stiff, the step is shortened, and the

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be deemed apropos: Mr. T. was seized at midnight, and at

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protein Nitrogen, Urea and Ammonia in Blood, Jour. Biol. Chem., 1912, ll* 527.

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sorrow and heartfelt sympathy in their sad bereave-

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of the following" views, an investigation, conducted with the greatest

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tion to aftercare Woodridge’s staff makes our uni-

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tered in a state of solution, could not become solid in the stomach except as a

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(Section in Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children) ;

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constantly contains typhoid bacilli, while the water of the Vanne and of

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fact that the pupillary reflex center is situated in the anterior corpus quadri-

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