Spontaneous gangrene following t.yplioid fi-vcr. Kansa.s
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cleiu (Aulde) in iiiabiria. Alkaloid. Clin., Cliicago, 1809,
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angle of the jaw. It does not at any time correspond to the outline of the
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cases, the early recognition of their cause is of the utmost value.
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these fatal cases out of the class treated without quinin, for the mortality
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compared to the urine of mice. It is a very poisonous plant, but
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Brit. Med. Jour., June, 1890, 28; Glasgow Med. Jour., September, 1890. Trans-
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boarded with Pellagrin 16 at 304 Forest Street, and in 1916 she was
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Dickinson, Francis McLean, Ph.B., Yale, '00, . .P. & S., N. Y., '05 Rockville.
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the advocate of the use of that remedy in cases of irritable and
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cerebellum than in any case examined. Three ounces of scrum in
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flanks, had watery diarrhoea of a muddy clay colour.
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the clumsy terms ** anti-location," ** retro-location," etc.,
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manifestations are stated variously. Among them are ex-
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of measures of an opposite character. Tonic remedies, alimentation,
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tion to aftercare Woodridge’s staff makes our uni-
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stretched and possibly broken up, the products of inflammation
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This patient remained under active treatment and close observ-
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particularly in the right iliac region, and there were
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brane is slow and quantities <<\' pus will come away. Sufficient
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is already weakened by fibroid, fatty, or granular degeneration ; but several
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ucts nui!;t be counted, strictly speaking, as impurities,
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In the second category I place cases which are chronic from the outset.
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the gangrene directs its attack. If to the penis, that becomes hard and red, and
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Dr. Copland said his experience went to prove the correctness of Dr. Mayo's
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for Rathmines and Rathgar Urban District ; Mr. Manly, Executive
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stances, in the way of relieving suffering and curing
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not nearly so common as epithelioma. The involvement of the lower
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later troubled with a sore upon his head ; ten years
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patient be secured, the assurances of the physician will often remove needless
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negative, Hinton — positive, and Kolmer — nega-