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The height of the fundus on successive days is here given according to Stevens

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and superimposed mantle or jacket, still produced too great

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described by authors may be produced or developed during' the disease. In

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threads of fibrin, and, rarely, crystals of cholesterin and uric acid. The com-

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perature, he found that the force and rapidity of contraction

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should be digitalized and/or treated with diuretics, and the response observed closely, or INDERAL

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All pediatricians serve many children with special needs.

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advantages aimed at by treatment could be seen before

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left to the right breast, and the left is gradually emptied also. The

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ascites he found inspiratory increase and expiratory decrease in positive

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as miich at stake in the course of this inquiry as that of

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in the more modest institutions we cannot tell. We have

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ing the superior fornix of the conjunctiva fails to give room for the complete

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lung of the affected side, bubbles rising in the liquid show the fact of

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sion Courses characterize the range of possible opportunities to be considered

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wise favourable for an examination. If the stains, whether recent or of o d

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general practitioner ; the immense advantages which this

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type be malignant, delirium, jactitation, profound stupor, and convulsions

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some counterbalancing effect in your fight against invading pathogens. And not only that,

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cold day, he began to cough again, and has (continued ill till the

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At a late meeting of the Obstetrical Society of London (Lancet, May 8, 1880),

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14. Evans, J. H. : War and oxygen therapy. New York State

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good may be obtained by getting the child to lie on a bed or couch for

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variations of the pulse. This knowledge, therefore, comes to us

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The hydrogen ion concentration of the urine was determined by

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influence she exercised over them was very manifest.

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pathologic standpoint with the severity as noted by the clinician

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dealt with. In two of the cases amputation had been done

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of short duration are valuable stimulants to nutrition, and in mania a pro-

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officinal oil of camphor, German Pharmacopoeia, for

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tion of adult males there is always a greater or less resid-

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or malt and other nutrients may be added, as seems expedient.

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out of jbed and visited the water-closet, and became exceedingly pros-

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paroxysms of dyspnoea sometiuiea occur. The e.xisleuce of