far to prove the microbic origin of acute rheumatism and its cardiac effects.

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and reputation suffer in consequence. The fear of its causing dis-

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cells ranged between 1,300,000 and 5,130,000 and the hemoglobin

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than to a toxin. Of course, it would be impossible to conceive of a toxin so potent

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evident signs of pneumonia and with a very low death-rate ;

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ence of those of putrefaction, and the same bacterium at

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1. Despite the presence of a marked nephritis provided there are no

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present the blood patches had dissociated and dislocated the

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The locality where this occurred is thus described in the

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of meningitis (?), etc., is familiar to all pediatrists. Loss of

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tions, tliree fourths of an indi in diameter and half an inch

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large quantities discharged, my suspicions were fixed on the presence of

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healed by first intention, the latter suppurated with the

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a sudden and total loss of the sense of smell took place, with-

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the adult winged insect, when newly hatched, contains fewer micro-

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histories well, the names of one hundred families, and had this phy-

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22 White, Dislocation of Tendon of Biceps Muscle. [Jan.

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fect the clothes of persons who have caught the itch. But a singlo

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a fly-blister to the nape. The temperature was still

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lated from the Fifth French Edition by E. P. Hurd, M. D., Newbury-

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Levulose in Diabetes.— Haycroft has shown that fifteen grams (231

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upward movement of the lung is checked mesially by the firmly fixed

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of the lung nitroglycerin is superior to digitalis, by opening up the

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bone, in nerve, in ligament. The differences that are observed

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action of the lieart being more or loss rapid. On auscultation the two heart-

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places are surrounded by high wire guards— a necessary pre-

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proper management of Pott's fractures. Not less than four cases of

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(From the Mtinorial Institute fur Infectious Diseases, Chicago.)