by papillary hypertrophy (L. verrucosus). Its base is usually indolent;
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There are many cogent arguments against capital punish-
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and typhoid tongue. Early vomiting was quite gener-
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flowers, and replace them by fresh ones, till the oil is suffi-
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portant that these cases should be recognized and treated
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for the long persistence of many chronic affections primarily
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The discovery of a lump is most commonly the first symptom to be
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forces and to stimulate uterine contractions, I discovered an unusual
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subside. The little that is retained by the child is digested.
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by an otherwise indifferent substance, ferrocyanid of soda ;
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decoctions and vegetable pills in my youth, on the ground
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starting-point for secondary inflammatory lesions ; 3,
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Siament directs), they must be, to a large extent, repaired and
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miasm, instead of losing its deleterious and toxica
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waves under the influence of the exciting causes above mentioned.
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stones. If jaundice came on slowly, without antecedent colic
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gination at all, but was made a matter of the most careful measure-
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half inches from the meatus, and impassable. The fistulous openings
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Thus they say that the first period of interstitial nephritis— the renal period — Is
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B. Herrick, M. D., Professor of Medicine in Rush Medical College,