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The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $36.20.
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Wanted. — Industrial or institutional work by active
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The next order of business is the presentation, cor-
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pharmacy has done. If every state in the Union could
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for a time at least. This fact seems evident from re-
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assistant oncologist, University Hospital, University
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obtained by the intradermal administration of serum.
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as much literature as they would like to have, still what they have
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or relieves it of its burdens. Antipyretics accomplish the latter ob-
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measures adopted of a prophylactic nature. While this
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times cease entirely. ^trade-mark reg. u.s. pat. off.
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given daily for the first week, every other day for the
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to last summer on a prolonged visit. On his return home he found
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tions in children are very definitely pediatric problems.
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adequately a full-time dental intern, and the intern
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First — Gilson C. Engel, 1914 Pine Street, Philadel-
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ually or suddenly? What apparently caused the difficulty?
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bombs” will be discharged frequently in tents and bar-
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until fluctuation appeared and was then incised. Pre-
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to start with, to a critical level where peripheral edema
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which settles and cakes when suspended in water,” he
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phasized that the repression of prostitution belongs to
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hospital connected with the medical school. In order
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1. Caisson or tunnel disease, its causes, prevention, and
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Clarence A. Eisner, Courtlandt W. W. Elkin, Charles
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support to the uterus; for any known remedy can be employed,
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discernible prior to the occurrence of atelectasis,
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