and I think more fitly, called acute tuberculosis. It is a striking
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Specimen. — Cervix abnormally long, three inches ; breadth
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Hunt, Henry John, 5, Lansdoione-terrace West, Brighton.
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subject (Paris: Asselin & Co., 1884), which embodies a
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in common with ulcerative endocarditis except its profoundly infectious
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at war fifteen months, and we have had no epidemics of tjiDhoid,
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eral practitioner than by the siurgeon. More should be
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of rapidly fatal general septicemia, as in general suppura-
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husbands arc at fault. ( ronorrhoea is out' of the most frequent
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Preventive Medicine, They are intended incidentally to assist in curing dis-
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nu- . „ r but excellent Association for the relief of Massachusetts
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feelings and experiences "we have waxed fat and kicked" like
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etymological sense) shall be carried on only by properly
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The patient was a man under fifty years of age, although pos-
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The urine was scanty and turbid ; the tongue clean.
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nervous heredity, or it may result from various pathological influences, for example
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of strabismus in which the function of both retinas re-
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C.-r. 1884, Copcnh., 1886. iii. sect, d'opbth . 221. . Zur
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be instituted, at the end of whifh time, if no lesions develop, treatuient
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threefold interest, and is worthy of far more atten-
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from chole, bile, and rco, to flow, under the impression
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known to us by which we may, in many instances, form diagno-
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tonics, a vacation, or a short trip away from home may be looked upon
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the Renfrew road. The whole is under one administration.
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especially in the initial stage of the so-called gastric form of
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order of sensitiveness to various therapeutic measures.
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an atonic state of the gastro-intestinal musculature.
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performed by the members of the profession. Either the local medical
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Fig. 119. — Chemical Precipitation Plant at iWorcester, Mass., Outlet.
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creased by giving with each dose the following pill ;
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be produced in some patients by the reflex irritations
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owing to its conical form and the spiral direction of its peripheral
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1047. Solid matter in 120 ounces evaporated eleven ounces and a-
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to the Glasgow Maternity Hospital. Dr. Sloan was associated
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although the amount of soluble non-protein nitrogen present in
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cover the best means of assisting them; to search for antidotes to
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in which a readiness is manifested to throw down white gravel, and
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tumors complicating Hodgkin’s disease— Possible association with intensive
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Baptisia (Wild Indigo) is especially required when the weak and
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and retained in the intestines during foetal life. It may be found in the