Police and a Health Bill, it would have had considerable

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instruction by the medical officer of health. and the public analyst of

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I 1M68. and was present at the action of Arogee (.medal) ; throughout the

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ought to be contioed to persons bond lidc ol the operative class.

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Surgeon-Colonel .\. H HiisoN, .MD, Bengal Establishment, Inspector-

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variola, and we mark the repetition of the known fiets of the

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The members then proceeded to elect additional vice-presidents and

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6 " If ye be desirous to know whether the man or the woman be hinder-

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assizes (July). He has been ordered to attend, under a penalty of £M).

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21st in bis ti9ih year. The deceased officer, wiio had seen cousideriible

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,, naughton Jones: ParoHphoritie Blood Cysts. Dr. ^E. T.

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Surgeon-Captain T. \V. Richardson, Norwich Company Volunteer Me-

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by May 23rd, so that adequate arrangements mny be made Agenda :-

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was again freely removed. There had since been no sign of

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It would serve no good purpose to describe the cases indi-

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the tasks included in the range of literary work. We are glad

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of a concretion was the cause. The diagnosis was not easy.

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exactly the same features. The delirium was violent, and the

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took part, Klemperer stated that lie is at present occupied

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towns the lowest death-rates were 13.5 in Paisley and 15 4 in Perth,

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Svgge^tion.—l would suggest that this report be referred to a

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nent citizens" in the person of Li Po Tai, a native of the

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first, poorer people being less able to provide themselves

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Smith exhibited a woman, aged 59, with Myxcedema of throe

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dispensaries, and only a week or so a£0 there appeared before him with

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Mb. E. T. Milner showed (for Mr. Bodtplowbr and himself)

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fungus could be well seen. If the tissues containing the

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the list. It had been suggested that the cause of the outbreak

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was now prolonged downwards, to give freer escape to the pus, and, with

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small fibroid tumours of the uterus. There is little or no

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(200 ounces), specific gravity 103.o ; and he had begun to lose flesh two

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fieeling of uneasiness that we hear of masses of infected bed.

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vivum or black sulphur (an impure mixture containing about