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There is a peculiarity about injuries to the neighbourhood of

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order of development of these different centres it would seem clear that

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very small quantities of milk, the average in the non-rachitic families

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borderland cases, and in connexion with the functional conditions asso-

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method in which the choice of officers should be made, was laid

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coincident with phthisis pulmonalis. My own experience would

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cholia was accompanied either by the post-cervical ache

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ject of ophthalmology outside of the United States,

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In the health of one, profit of the second, and the Improved quality

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opii and ceratum saponis; and if tlie pain be severe, we may re-

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grave injury. The case was clearly one in which, accord-

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premonitory symptoms, such as a sense of languor, gid-

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Lymph Nodic Tri5i:u(rL()sis durin(; ('hiij>ii(H)|> ISO

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some day, through the munificence of an American benefactor, a

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the lobes of the cerebellum, and forming the pons varolii,* be-

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plasma chlorides show only an insignificant rise in the 2nd hour

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mentioned than a treatise to be placed in the hands of students.

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cease to exist with the death of such elements. In the dead body there is

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and jaundice, more or less decided, is present in many cases, whence

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Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality, 1915, p. 90.

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statements the fact may be mentioned that trepanned skulls

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the nature of the preparation used. Soluble salts of radium are

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Further Observations on Contractions succeeding to Ulcera-

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I can relate a somewhat similar case of serious ac-

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rally, an illuminated ring is observed. From substances, such as flour, which

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be the following : — Effloresced sulphate of magnesia 2 oz., bi-

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present, particularly when there is much fever at the beginning. There

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profession. If we lend our articles to lay publishers, we must

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in spite of the rest during sleep, muscles may not be able sufficiently to

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perature and pulse in the morning were normal, but in the afternoon

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ling use of instruments, of course, is always dangerous.

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a few cases termination occurs by crisis. In my own

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In pneumonia the globulin is increased more in relation to the total

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1. Ihde DC, Minna JD: Non-small cell lung cancer part I: Biology, i

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sions from the central body of the mass, are: (1) The orbital portion,

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as Food for the Sick. s — As is well known, Professor Beneke, of Marburg,

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hard, pulse irregular, second heart sound accentuated; there will be-

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Holmes s "System of Surgery," vol. iy. p. 707, says :-

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their diet, and that fish remained prominent therein. We