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Experiment 8. — Guinea Pig 4 (Text-fig. 8). Wound of the anterior abdominal

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rests on the periphery of the corpuscle with its pseudopodium overlying the red

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radium might be upon normal tissues. The radium used was 10 mg. of

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Six different experiments were performed with the serum of patients

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that its use has been limited. We have understood however that it

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instances, after reaction had been established, in patients admitted

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When the head of the animal receiving the instillation is held with

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substances, in the digging of sewers, &c. The commissioners

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Eight cases were operations for strangulated hernia, and two

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of the patient, until by its great distension it besan to give rise at

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A brief mention of some of the most notable advances

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recalled that a considerable difference is found in the weight of the

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nit to be stopped and morph. sulph. gr. 1-12 to be given with the

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nancy he gives twenty-one cases. The author recommends hyster-

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normal rabbits is especially interesting since it is so different from

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sions and marked by the occurrence of peculiar anaesthesia, paralysis, and

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with potash, soda, ammonia, mercury, iron, etc. The doses of both

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antigen of guinea pig kidneys sometimes can be bound with the hemo-

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August 29^ (112 th day). — A slight recrudescence occurred and

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typhoid state if the causative condition cannot be speedily removed.

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the agitation of the trees seen from his room, produced no eflect

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terday ; temperature of skin somewhat elevated ; warmer upon the

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quent automatic movements of left upper extremity, at times grasp-

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areas, which microscopically proved to be small ulcers.

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either necessary or proper, unless when suppuration had been allowed

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Brinkerhoff advises his disciples to let prolapsus of

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ment to the function of respiration, caused by the extensive infiltra-

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secured uniformly within a 4 weeks' period of incubation.

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Bacillus mucosus capsulatus that had been on artificial media for a

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3rdly. That portion of the community who have been once suc-

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pupils slightly dilated, as at last visit ; face somewhat suffused, the

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demonstrated, it is recommended that it should be employed as

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last molar tooth. It had given the lady no pain or uneasiness which

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them to appear merely as a disguised form of a true epithelial cell.

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effect with Type II organisms, twelve to fifteen transfers in immune

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chestnut carried in the pocket, or the left hind foot of a

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