female, the round ligament of the uterus takes a similar course to

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This is the more notable, because, in general, diseases of the

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the tibia. Ho should think that probably a nerve-lesion existed,

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markable effect on the growth of living bacteria planted in their

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chair for a vote. I wish this to be recorded in the

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Francisco read this paper. He stated that the history

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counter-iiritants of all kinds should be strictly avoided,

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these qualities can be brought effectively into play, an accurate

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operation with a Spanish general who was shot in 1813. We

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tion occurs through growth followed by division. Under suitable condi-

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and cartilages, and the bones, tendons, and joints of the feet, legs,

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stances, is the publication of abstracts of these papers

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typhus fever. In cases in which measures employed for these ends ap-

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the Commanding Officer and the officers in charge that he was unfit

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known under that name before 1743. Italifui authors writing on

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Harmon, G. E. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the

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sounds, which occurred almost at the same moment; they reminded me

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accomplishment of the crime so as to satisfy the law,

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such displacement causes interference with the function of the displaced

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the Friedlander type. The patient died at 10:30 a. m., and a necropsy was held

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marked in inebriates than in the insane, though palates otherwise de-

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Case XXV. Abscess of the 7'emporo- sphenoidal Lobe. — Male, JEt. 25, had

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tween the neurons is formed. Numberless histological

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selves because we know that nervous diseases are in a way con-

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like the gentle tap of a lead pencil against a window pane. Drs.

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the lungs, liver, brain, kidneys, and other viscera. Death is usually caused

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degrees above the natural standard ; while in yet another it £eJ1s ten or

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moderate severity. The great majority of cases are either fatal in

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Arlington, VA, and Gill Rogers of Little Rock; and his mother,

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tive influence of vitality ceases in it, its constituents fall under the un-

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prior arrangements made with HSI, and that the contracts

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in the tents were milder than those in the hospital wards, it can hardly be

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men is less than in the blood-serum, and also some of the salts ; but it

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1839, has already been made a text book in four Medical schools. It

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owing to "accumulation," is usually about 16 per cent; because death

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lific and infective power, in each characteristic evacuation of

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asphyxiated infant is bluish-red in color and muscle

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recollect after an interval of several years, the above is an exact outline of the case,

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locality remains what philosophers call a ^'residual phenom-

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flat ulcerations. The transition of the thickened portion of intestine