Dr W. concludes with fome ufeful obfervations on the nc-
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but even in despite of it. To these cases M. Vulpian adds
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From Hodgkin's disease, the differentiation is at times impossible
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from this mixture usually averages between 65 and 70 per cent.
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of the Oregon and West Virginia Societies have not been
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not be worth while to inquire into the sanitary condition
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is also conceivable that the protoplasm, whose vitality has been less-
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to the standard dose of x-rays 10 days later, and 13 days after the
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to this era, completes the life cycle of womanhood. Such changes,
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ing all sorts of extraneous organisms with no useful action. In
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originated in a laparotomy, Avas reinoved after fourteen sittings. He
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should be taken to prevent blistering. 2^he condition of the circula-
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waits, and finally, when the patient is exhausted and perhaps already
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enced naval surgeon for the statement that, in his ex-
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There was no hseiuorrhage, and the uterus was well contracted.
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tions in Germany, and quoted from Fehling, of Stutt-
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etiology, and pathogenesis require that it should be separated from this
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A System of Midwifery, Including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the
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glands along the course of the cystic and common ducts is indubi-
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of haemorrhoids, which so far incapacitated me for any
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The sequelfe of otitis media, such as granulations sprouting out from
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pain seems to effect the ribs and intercostal spaces rather
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this classification from a study of the fevers of the Eoman Campagna.
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the subject is too extensive and well known to be more than summarized here.
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