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Medical Science. Edited by Thomas L. Stedman, M.D. In Twenty
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antiperistalsJs. Diagnosis is straightforward and should, now that the
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significantly higher than McLean's normal average of 120. One reason
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which pass through them, forming mutual communications, and
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care of diseases, but nature effects the recovery (medicus curat sed natura
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there was a slight increase in reported cases of cerebro-spinal meningitis
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suppressed, and suggested that the practitioners of the present
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h which the locomotor ataxia was associated with general cerebral para-
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the corset jacket with gymnastics and massage is the best treatment.
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(1826), I endeavoured to clear up this important subject by means
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AVheeling, West Virginia. The first issue is a very good one,
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ity of the hands and feet are also common symptoms.
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editor, who should not only incorporate the most recent discoveries, but also the modes of pro-
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ties by observing laconically that "the kidney is best
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rapidly. 51 - 52 The ironic distinction between the rhetoric of
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often been told, by the use of alkaline applications.
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AGUE. — See Intermittent Fever under Malarial Fevers).