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Dunbar's Hay Fever Serum, is effective only in ail-

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In any district in which the filaria is moderately common,

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Warner, John W., 19 York Ave., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co.

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who are troubled with a harassing cough. — Revue Medi-

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The Exanthemata form the ninth division of the work.

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nrface of the brain, circumscrilKjd meningitis may occur, as, in other

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Congratulations to the Class of 1988, and I hope everyone

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Honey was prescribed, but the patient attributes his cure to eiher vitriol^

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plurality of them, however diversified in appearance, become

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instead of being a simple feeling of want and a desire for food, it be-

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38. Van Boxtel CJ, Van Blankenstein M. Engelfriet CP: Immune thrombocyto-

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second, where the article of food or drug is mixed with any matter or ingredient

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ciation which is more odious than the mcasm-es it leads to.

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For a few minutes the cliild took no notice of this ; but he soon felt

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crepitus be absent. The shoe should be carefully removed, and

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in this country ; yet, after an attack of right hemiplegia and aphasia,

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in fatal cases, to ascertain, by inspection, the kind and

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^ particularly of such as are a little advanced in life, are quite indifferent