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small pieces of loose skin containing no cartilage. The fistulse
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has been known to destroy life is one drachm Ve too the poi o ia«
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be brought on by taking food or drink, especially anything cold, by laughter
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not exceeded one-fourth of an inch. I do not employ the
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stopped, but finally cleared up, leaving no traces.
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Hyperpyrexia can be controlled by cold sponging or the cold pack.
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is claimed that the specialist is necessarily one-sided ; that he
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pestilence. From this moment he began to predict the pestilence which
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springs of Europe, and said that, when at Carlsbad in the
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Worthy of your particular attention are the descriptrnt legends under ttie ilh*-
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closets. All the rest of the schools had no privies at all. Today prac-
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the eatamenia had been regular, but scanty ; since the operation,
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"Taking the ordinary complete fistula, investigation will
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operation is well illustrated by the report of Clubbe {Brit. Med. Jovr.,
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about the size of a pin's head, more or less numerous, but sepa-
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patient without benefit to the latter, and it was decided to employ another physi-
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of mortality, are not peculiar to hernia operations.
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bert in Wien (1887), 1889, 174-177. — Syndaktylic ; 2
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of the abdominal wall. By this comb! , ^ method the gas and oxygen
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usually spreads to the muzzle. During the course of the disease
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posit of tubercle in the lungs. When from deficient ventilation
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about one half of the gold-leaf had been expended, and the mass
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U.NiVERSlTT College Hospital.— Resident Medical OfiBcer. Applications
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December 27th. — These dressings were removed, when it appeared
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The matter was laid before the husband, and she was brought to Louis-
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account. In the words of Holmes, "Science is a first-rate piece of