deemed sufficient for ordinary wants. Pitiable, indeed,
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process identical with the above, neighbouring dilatations expanding
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British and Foreign Medical Revieiv, No. xxi, for Jan. 1841. Art. 2 —
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number of this new issue contains axioms in syphilography by
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in the Western hemisphere, falls? far short of the reality. It is obvious,
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is proved by the fact of this the fifth edition having been sold
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perform the compensating action, the liver evidently acts with increased
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increased : he could turn his wife's mangle with the arm without
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a half inches long. In the second case, there was nothing to
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were infected. At Palma, in Majorca, the disease appeared in the
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an outbreak on board two emi^ant ships, last fVom Havre (which was said to be
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possible terms of their practical skill as chemists.
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i season, temperature, moisture, winds, barometric pressure, or any other ap-
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dramatic reason for the patient to follow the physi-
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the whole be now boiled for ten or fifteen minutes, since, if the poisoning
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their membranous covering being '^ at least four times as thick as
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states, that in a single instance under his observation, it appeared to be fol-
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*Ed. Med. Journal,' Feb. 1866, wherein Dr. K. Anderson describes
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tric Society, March, 1866, and in the catalogue since published
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rounding parts. The mine constantly trickles from the tumour, which is
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marrow, or the nerves found to be diseased, showing us that the spasms,
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Infectiousness of Tuberculosis. — ^The worst result of
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4 oz. of peas (dhal?) a few vegetables, a little butter, and a few
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For the. Defenders. I will only quote the testimony of Dr. John Thatcher,
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pestilence, are far too defective to merit any confidence. In Alex-
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letting," which was, it appears, borne well in every instance.
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often yield to the temptation to merge their medical character