of the graduating class, to act a worthy part at the present hour, when
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effectively, and, in fact, is the best saline cathartic we
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membranes, but exert no effect upon the unbroken skin.
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been written after the pr-inting of the present edition, we find the fol-
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This case was a very interesting one in life, but some points were
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Quinine bisulphate is soluble in 8.8 parts of water.
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ated lard or vaseline. CreoliQ solutions (3-6 per cent.),
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In assisting diarphoresis and diuresis, sweet spirit of
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to control the bleeding, its action may be aided by a few turns of
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I ana sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
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pentine epithems, and ointment of the iodide of potash. These reme-
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shoulder under the scapula, and lodged in the place where it was found,
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occur, but after large doses slowing of the heart is observed
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depression is seen in stupor and muscular incoordination.
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1. To empty the stomach in case of poisoning, over-
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•Cm. thick ; upright, subglobular, or obcouical ; truncate at
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pyridine C5 Hg N, and various allied alkaloids, viz.: picoline,
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stains may be removed by ordinary laundry processes. Like
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up and erected it, much with his own hands ; had built two large brick
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for admis.-ion, all engaged in the same employment and from the
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panes 12 and 20.) It is also dwelt upon in Stellwajr von Carion's
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Derivation.— lyow, 15 gm.; liydrocliloric acid, nitric acid
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Digitalis, 15; alcohol, 100; cinnamon water, 150; boiling water,
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bust young man — attacked suddenly, and with great violence —
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a ground stopper, containing 60 grammes of tincture of sulphuric
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Ophthalmological Congress which held its sessions in Paris from
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saline solutions, deplete the body both locally and generally
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island. Some little alarm is felt, lest the disease should spread
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; cceived a bullet near the upper third of the crest of the right ilium.
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valves-were soft elevations, the largest about a quarter of an inch in
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surviving patients before any improvement took place in them.
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substances of which it is a solvent. Glycerite of starch is a
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probably aggravated by the lids turning in and producing irritation.
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Acclimatiza'tiox of Sponges. — M. Lamiral, whose departure for the
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Areca nut (sheep and lambs) Linseed, cotton- ! o/ dead'^pait-
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of salt, nitre and sal.ammoniac, in one quart of water, may
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just as we do, and in quite as large proportion. In four weeks, from
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in the hurry of the moment, the first mentioned may be easily ob-
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