tion here assigned to carbonic acid is of more interest in a physiological than

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traced. A man, still young, is admitted into the hospital with a history of good

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the diagnostic significance of the color of the urine, the distri-

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means : try to increase the poiver of resistance of the

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Aneurysm of Right Pulmonary Artery.— In the Journal of tht

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cumstances, atmospheric and geographical ; the temperature, moisture,

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to be more satisfactory. In some cases, where the pedi-

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could not keep up with the age. For such an operation he should charge

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the double voyage, would suffice not only for the work

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M.D.. D.Sc., F.R.C.P.Ed. Issued monthly, with Illustrations. Subscription jl, is.

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on The Treatment of Fractures by Mobilisation and Mas-

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eczema ; edge of tongue ulcerated, and palate covered with

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till completely mixed. Two tablespoonfuls of water may be

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Acidum nitricum. In pi-eparing this acid, the London College

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sipelas, while, on the other hand, it has increased the pro-

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collapse with a temperature of 96"2' F., a pulse-rate of only 5(;, iind respirations

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companies the vessel. The operation is not so grave

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may be administered every four hours for a few days. Simultaneously,

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case following cerebral embolism, the attack being ushered in by a severe

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inges, and I would say that the principal danger is not to the

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hemorrhage, with destruction of the pulmonary parenchyma, is less frequent,

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In speaking of the hereditary transmission of organic qualities,

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with reference to their geographical distrii)ution. Of the Acalephs,

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and made an end to end anastomosis; and at the end of two

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none l)etter than the old ones, Barnes's and Molesworth's,

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therefore necessarj^ to be guarded in giving a prognosis. Some types

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town clerks, relating to the facts concerning each part of

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jected in the proper manner, can be made to engender the most-

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The chief consideration is the probability of the transmission of the

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6. The Present Status of Some of the Problems of Tuberculosis. John

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because just here is the important question which stands out con-

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doubt responsible for the apparent thickening of the scalp noted during

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Satprday, Xoceinler 2d: Clinical Society of the New York

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