ceases, due to the failure of the circulation, but there is no direct
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Mr. Jlill gave notice that, "in committee on the Representa-
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counter-iiritants of all kinds should be strictly avoided,
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pressed state of the nervous system, or else to a combina-
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the affection generally starts in the region of the thalamus and corpora
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the beaten path. It’s a tough job. The committee knew
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trinsic tendency of thcdistvise to a fatal result. In epidemics of typlius,
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of Delegates meeting, I met Dr. Schwarz who asked me if I
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II. The Period and Doctrine of Ricord. — Ricotd ^»feVv^w^,V^s
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alkali and chloroacetic acid, and boiled until the reaction became
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are acting in the true interest of every member of the
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to a particular form of diphtheria of the pharynx, which, despite its limited
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Zweifel, of the Obstetric Clinics in Strasbourg, has recently made some in-
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that this case manifested a marked inclination to diseases of the
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conjunctiva, and the renal secretions become the recipients of the pigment.
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Neumann, Dr. J., local and general effects of tar, 242
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ural intemperiety, generated in the glandules from a
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November 23, 1902, Edebohls compared decapsulation of the kidney with
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are those occurring at the junction of the epiphysis with the diaphysis.
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scriptions instead of methylene blue, and that to his
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longer than Hospitals supported with difficulty by voluntary
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til, -re i> no free escape, the toxin accumulates to such an extent that it
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Disease of the kidneys is an important complication, or a local manifes-
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her name to Lady Flora as one of the ladies who entertained the sus-