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the attack. There are morning remissions, and evening exacerbations of

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foci of infection. Thus, in typhoid fever, bacilli are carried to the

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tainty as sodium hyposulphite acts upon nitril. (c) In the toxaemias which arise

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others, again, were indifferent, trusting to whatever wind would

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meningitis, typhoid, typhus, general tuberculosis, septicemia (especially in

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place in the second tube, mixing thoroughly as before.

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phases ; potassium is almost entirely in the cells, sodium

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as it does in smallpox. The scaling of the epidermis in these severe cases

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undue disturbance in the patient, when, just as the operation

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by staining with iuschin or methyl- violet. Afanassiev isolated from the

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myself. Some strange conceits that I had come across in books

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Assistant Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital.

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but a slight value upon an attempt at explanation. Nevertheless,

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Entering a badly ventilated room occupied by a patient, is quite sufficient

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Endothelial macrophages (table LVI) 454, 455 591, 593

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tor, resazurin, which becomes pink when oxidized. If

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after the diagnosis has been established and as an indirect index

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and the heart-rate dropped to about 90. In this case there was

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The plan of treatment which has been- followed was developed

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has a "bad cold in the head." The throat is raw and sore, the voice

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isms perish, symptoms due to pent-up pus often being entirely absent (cold

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irritants ; many organic or inorganic poisons produce the same obvious effect

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them. The nitrate of amyl acts in a similar manner as alcohol,

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the mass is uniform. Labels brushed with this and dried will adhere firmly if simply

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appeared restless and agitated. Then came on epileptiform

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(5) Patient's serum. Cold hemagglutinins are absorbed by

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the maximum amount that would be present in 10 ml of

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by a radial arrangement of hyphae, sometimes extend-

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In ordinary cases, however, it is not unusual after the first week, and

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autopsies. Sarcoma of the lung is much less common; Passler

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albuminuria occurs with greater constancy in this than in most other

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very annoying biters. Of more importance is the fact that some

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round, thick-walled terminal structures (sporangia)

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In the last two remedies we can agree with him fully, but con-