about 100 to 102 degrees, or hot packs may be used to advantage to relieve the

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The Record of August 23d is no new thing, but was de-

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normal. The upper part of the portal stem in the hilum of the liver is compressed by a

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[Abstr.] Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1856, xlii, 340. —

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large carbuncle, after being opened, is discharging freely and looking

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borne out by the general facts on record having a bearing upon the etiology

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"Summers, in The News of November 12th, when it was

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5. Observations \\ 2:oology and comparative anatomy.

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on the subject of "The Bacteriology of Cystitis," by R. C. Long-

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rabbit-plate, and anti-rat-plate sera, one of us has

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existing hospitals. It is asserted, however, by one who has

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cient to call for so prompt and efficient a measure as bloodletting, relief

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us that the ball had fallen out by the orifice of entrance.

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For the study of the structure of the ])arasite various methods have

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giving it a bath, the same effects were produced as by

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payments from third-party payers for hospital services

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them, although occasionally they are raised to the peerage,

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exchange every physician in the state can readily obtain the best literature

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of the body. He has never had ulcerS in the throat, but

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I had just received an extract from the report of Maj.

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male an upper lateral from a lower mesial subdivision of

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Dr. T. P. Satterwhite : When Dr. Allen introduced his resolution

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attended by the medical advisers on both sides before the case is taken

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servedly earned the thanks of the public for -his dealing with a

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given to understand that it was a capital remedy for

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body. Certain changes in the thyroid body (exophthalmic goitre, simple,