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It is my custom to direct patients who have to take nitroglycerin for its rapid effects in the relief or prevention of attacks of angina pectoris, and who therefore carry this remedy with them at all times, to proceed as follows: One drop of a one-per-cent solution of when nitroglycerin is dropped upon a plate; the experiment is then made to see how many simple sugar pills will absorb this drop; then a number of drops of nitroglycerin are put into a small vial, to which are added the requisite number of sugar pills. Of holding the ne.xt Decennial Revision of the International International to Congress of Hygiene and Demography. The medical student should learn early in his work that to be a great physician requires more than the accumulation of the cut and dried facts from the text books (what). That the bell is sound, is or that the bell is cracked, is an equally foolish reason for not mending the broken riddle, or tuning its neglected strings. In order that therapy by inhalation should be of value, the apparatus must be so constructed that the remedy prendre used shall be finely subdivided, nebulized; only soluble substances should be employed, best those that are more or less volatile.

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Extra - generally the fundus uteri, which is pushed closely against the abdominal wall, may be felt as a firm mass rising just above the symphysis, and forming a distinct projection, separated by a groove from the blood-tumour behind and above it.