tumour was three inches long, two inches broad, and an inch

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results in rupture unless the adherent neighboring structures compensate for

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as illustrated in Fig. 152, flexes the spinal column and

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One may accept this theory or deny it, or accept it as in

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3. On a New Lesion of the Brain in General Paralysis.

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army officers. If we are correctly informed, the Under Secretary of War made the state-

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a less enterprising, less competent man be called in, and he

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kept up the diaphoresis by the use of an infusion of

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sick headache very frequently has its origin in eye strain.

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irritant on the connective tiasue, giving rise to cirrhosis, and on the

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the helpless sick in this community, where there are

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loss of surface tension, as observed by Traube (1908) ^nd confirmed by

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day ot his admission he was Ibund to be hemiplegic and

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Dr. D. T. Smith : I do not think the paper should go without

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attacks the proper parenchyma, or that which is of importance to the

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whereas if it begins above the internal sphincter, it is, according to my

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illustration as he could from examining the subject. In illustrat-

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cjphere is no algebrajhr it, no scribble gj'jigures, no proper value.

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there was dulness in the right side below the liver. He

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glottb. Nightmare follows as a result of imperfect aeration of the blood

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an appeal to public opinion. Laws are useful and neces*

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for nonemergency services. If you’re 70 and need a cata-

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that we had to do with globules of either a Uquid or a gas.

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The main points of distinction may be broadly and generally

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The gauze drain was gradually removed, beginning on the

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suggested that the greater intensity of action in this case might

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sis of more or less degree will result unless the scar tissue resulting from

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inflammation of the mucous membrane. The surface is covered with

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of which a drop may be taken, well diluted with water, every few

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treatment of peritonitis. I believe myself that salines

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men, princes from far off India with wealth beyond the

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rooms. This series died of anthrax in 5 days, showing that probably the

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are arrested in their development, and remain thinner and shorter than those

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tically paralyzed ; the secretions of the stomach, liver and

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pupil he meant the new pupil, including the coloboma.

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The internal treatment of bedsores was subsidiary to that