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III. The detritus of a small oxalate of lime calculus,
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in the treatment of hydrocephalus, in advising paracentesis
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(most marked in feet and hands). The pain is often greater than in alcohol
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remarked that thero was good reason to believe that the ulcera-
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closely to the description of athetosis as given by Dr. Hammond,
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experiment in some of the districts of Gloucestershire and
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tebra. A disturbance of temperature, either here or anteriorly, is
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220) : " My experiments so far lead me to the conclu-
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with the gait that showed itself in a tendency for the patient
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BoiKSard. Polydactylio et syndactylie li6reditaires.
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Chronic alcoholism has produced already lesions, or, at
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be described hereafter, as well as the proper arrange-
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President. .lames M. Parrott, M. D , Kinston, N. C.
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6th. Varying personal hygiene, invplving cleanliness,
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64° of north latitude and 57" south latitude (Hertz), and that in pro-
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was born in the neighbourhood of London in the year 1791.
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patients' benefit though we cannot prove to the confirmed medical skep-
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In the gall-ducts of the liver, biliary calculi may exdte suppurative
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painful swelling of the knees, wrists, and fingers which persisted for
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Mr. Simon first traces the rise and progress of cholera in
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tributions of positive knowledge, derived from pathological ana-
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increased prominence or biilging of the pr?ecordial region and a widening of
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agents used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, he employed
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in the chest — cough, rales, heart-beat, etc. — take on a distinct metallic
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nous tree, native of Western AiHca. Its ix>ison-
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had to be given. Bokai had not sufficient data to answer the question
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Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond., 1894, Iv, 85- 90. — ;Tlatthi»!sseii
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duct generally remains open for a short time after birth. One argument in favor
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tion, which seemed to be limited about one half, not by paralysis,
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habits of patient, location of lesion, and degree of tox-
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