membranes. The external ear may be the seat of pock formation just as the
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trivial in their nature might, under certain conditions, be
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ease is of a chronic nature and characterized by irregularity in the move-
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are accentuated or not, whether the arterial tension is in-
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the herpes in other diseases is scarcely confirmed by clinical observation, nor
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membrane of the pelvis and does not extend into the ureters and bladder.
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peculiarity or predisposition whose influence we can not fully
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less than there is in putting the patient on a stretcher. As soon as the patient
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5. In some cases they occur at intervals through the entire course, per-
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depend absolutely upon the amount of toxin generated by the specific organ-
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abscess formation in the upper respiratory tract, acute endocarditis, inflam-
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account, together with the ajDpearance of the tongue and the accentuation of
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dermic use of morphia, a favorable influence on the circulation was in many
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has been reported as follows; Geissler 43 per cent., Bleuler 43 per cent.,
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conditions are favorable, cause suppuration wherever they lodge. Pyaemia
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have originated in the hospital. At the present time a dose of 500 units is
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necessarily reduce it. Cold temperatures have practically no effect; higher
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minous urine may fail to give any reaction for albumin, but
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tion and is now used as a standard. x\s the antitoxin unit or immunity unit,
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of the central nervous system. This union occurs early in the disease, is a
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weights, if reasonably carefully selected, may be expected to
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begin to lose their natural vigor, and to be more apt to suc-
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Menincjisvius is quite common in pneumonia, especially in childhood.
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phagocytosis, at first discredited and scoffed at, it has become
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married, or married and after the birth of the first child, an
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connection with the patient and (3) preventive inoculation.
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dividual opinion on this point by saying that it depends on
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Losses of the upper limbs are more important, as bearing