Dr. J. M. Ray : I have seen not only cases of squint but cases where
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The author likewise fails to prove his assertion, that the mere destruc-
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tive in reconstructing acute and chronic deformities. The
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surface. Two applications (two drops each) of two per
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Not hearing that she had died, I visited her at 8 next morning and found
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Bromides and chloral are indicated in the convulsive stage.
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t a.m. this morning, respiration became my difficult, and shortly alter she died.
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The muscular disturbances in tabes dorsalis require separate considera-
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fat. Vogel has reported good results in reducing ob'esity by
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results were in striking contrast to the blood-picture in erythrolytic
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nrph ; cord atrophied. Death 16 hours later. Reference : Annals
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lecting surgery in these cases is the feeling that it is pref-
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IX. — ^Hypercinesis of the Bladder— Spasm of the Bladder — Cystospasm as, . SO
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,)racticable to the President of the Medical Society of
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Meyer, Elijah Stansbury, .Tr. and Francis Meyer, all of
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or pus, or both, with ureteral calculus. Undoubtedly this is true in
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