usually present. The possibility of the presence of acquired or inherited
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Maryland M. J., Kaltimore, 1884-85, zii., ao: Cocaine in Comf^tkm of Seoood
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the groin. He considered it desirable, when the penis was
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multitudes ; another born to large wealth, or good family and an honora-
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on the door itself, before she would unlock it. The tendency in these
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Matters were very different in St. Andrews from what they
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disorders, or by nodes or cranial exostoses, or deep excavative ulcera-
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them as forming the fifth stage of society. They live in towns
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which have been subjected to this act of flexion have be-
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August. It did not, however, disappear with the onset of the cold
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spoke of a midwife who had had one thousand cases without a
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itself in cross-breeding has only a general bearing on the
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result of the action of toxic substances, autogenous or
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his usual occupations without inconvenience. Dr. Minim
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the disease not uncommonly occurs in cattle which are exclu-
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the patient emaciates, his skin becomes harsh and dry, his face assumes
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curable at prices varying from 10 to 40 shillings. In each
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The spleen extends bej-ond the border of the ribs about two finger-
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inherited sy})hilis without any other obvious reason ; but Sir "W. Gowers
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xxxvi, 269-278, 1 pi.— Matthews (J. D.) Oviduct fn an
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depressant ; at least Marfori and Archangelsky assert that the paralysis and
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place, such as the formation of fibroid tissue or the deposit of
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pheral blood, but that of the heart, lungs, aorta and other
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sandy formation, rather than on clay or alluvial deposits. It should be quite a dis-
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Effect of Speculation. — ^The Department of Health says
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William A. Hammond, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiol-
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1 " The great peculiarity in this case, Dr. Smith thoug-ht, consisted in the circum-