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the lesion, except in Weinland's case. In those cases in which the tremor

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Accurately Applying a Radium Apparatus in the Strictured Area, Proc. Roy. Soc.

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mentary form of the disease of which pulmonary phthisis

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eral Cunningham, as to the uselessness of quarantine.

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(Transl. ), vol. i. 1889, p. 241. — 8. Hesse. Ueber das nachtliches Aufschrecken der

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Early in tlic niontli of April, 1877, wliile treating an

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ally a lower range, and death by general asthenia is to be feared.

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girls, who were pale and hydraemic and suffered from various

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CHcNH.. . COOH 4- NH3 + 30 = CO(NH,)3 + C02 + 2Hi!0

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syphilitic, etc., or merely glanders, aspergillosis, s_yph-

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Berglund EL. A follow-up study of thirteen Norwegian tobacco withdrawal

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The luminous efficiency of an incandescent lamp is but about

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simply looking on. Nature does all the harm, whether

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the late David McCaw, M. D., and Thomas A. Patteson, Esq., of

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ceived no adequate expression of opinion. To conclude

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purposes. In powder it is slightly caustic, owing to the

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This large mass felt perfectly movable posteriorly, and in its inferior

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the ganglion of the vestibule. From this same structure in the

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I have not mentioned the district nurse because where she is found she

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causes as modifications of one p^reat force or ))rinciple which pervades and

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not help expressing her surprise to her n.aid that they should aJl

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Gustav C. E. Weber fell from his chair at the table from a stroke

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have also been rare occurrences of leukopenia, gran-

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Pathogenesis of Bronchiectasis," which was discussed by Drs.

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present, as in the urine of the aged, as it exists in the blood, and in

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one peculiarity in many of these cases which gives a

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Johnson,* and which he has sought to establish by a series of papers since

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the hills and valleys where be was so long regarded as

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Contraindications: Not for use in the external ear canal if the eardrum is .

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An eruption appears about the third or fourth day. Leucopenia and

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tise you against your will, nor will any one influence you

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Institution, it being in a very overcrowded state for some time

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principle is rest in bed. I am glad to say that the patient I showed

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Treatment. — Tonic laxatives at bedtime; intestinal an-

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American edition, revised and with additions. By T. Colcott Fox, B.A. (Cantab.),

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trocar at this point, directing it downward and inward obliquel}* ,

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exist. The festinating lexicon and jargon jalopy have lapped some of us, so

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