and the typhoid germs in fifteen minutes by the extremely small quantity

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case before the twenty-first day. There are two very opposite

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Pitres observed a case of purulent pleurisy in which the aspirated

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example, a man aged GO, under treatment for ulcer of

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enlightened and judicious, although we shall be obliged to

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sational legislation. Whilst the hardworking and provident

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cases of retro-pharyngeal abscess, it is seen that in the ma-

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"The oil thus obtained is the pale oil; the heat used should not be above

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solution, 2) a polyethylene glycol (PEG, average molecu- 1 1

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3, or even 4 ounces cod-liver oil, twice a day, mixed with

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in animals with thick and strong intestinal walls, as in the dog. Cau-

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remaining to cover the distal 2 or 3 inches, so that usually there is sufficient sound

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asylums, as a rule, the superintendent makes the grand

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advertence that anybody supposed I could have thought of such

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not get a good view of the fauces, and could not judge of the

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haustive article, as does Leichtenstern.j Without going into the de-

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the child had been taken ill on the previous night. Ho was

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believe it has been as unfailingly welcomed by its readers.

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therefore, be expected that the lower composition of the Bengali

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.matter of fact, all that is necessarily implied in the require-

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organic, and are of great importance to the medical profession, but

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and intestines as a dry mass, and the pressure on the circulation

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of very slight degree consists only of tonic spasm are exceedingly rare.

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one of an ischsemic or toxic degeneration, with much less of an inflamma-

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as a counter-stain, and Griemsa's method. For the irou-

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tained under a very imperfect state of respiration.

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servations of Seegen. According to him, there can no longer be any

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cases similar to this and referred to hysterical tempera-

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purposes i^Fig. 95). The closure of the loop is controlled by a ratchet.

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the relative liability of the different joints to become affected, the analysis

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are often of spindle shape. (Figs. 5 and 7.) In longitudinal sections of the

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day to Friday inclusive at 8.30 A. M., and will close

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Institution for the Cure of Drunkenness. — The city of

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to adopt suitable precautionary meastures both against the contamination