Perhaps after all the great difference in the effects of breast
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3. Local Infections. — (a) Peritonitis. — Either local or general peritonitis
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Lancet, Lond., 1853, ii, 3-5. — OorokhovlseflT. Novly
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tion appears after trifling derangements of health and disappears in the
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doubtless success depends in a measure on the degree of
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mostly west-southwest, and disappear with their cessation, appears
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radical operation to consider the nature of the growths
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deglutition spasm brought on by even the thought of
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orifice. Grasping it with the forceps, its lower end appeared to be
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mon consequence of repeated attacks of malarious fever. It is, moreover,
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anal outlet to its normal position, with a good functional result.
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in such cases the patient dies in consequence of the deleterious
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height of the lower should be 4 feet inches from the ground, so that
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lected Works, 83, Lond.. l.-*78, ii. 339 - 349. — I..aTFSon
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its moisture, and when again warmed and expanded by contact with
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skin, the muscles, the alimentary or respiratory tracts." — Lunctl.
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papillome. Bull. Soc. anat. de Nantes 1882, Par., 1884, vi,
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fevers, valvular disease, and atheroma of the coronary arteries.
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young, and is often associated with some general dis-
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that chylous vessels in the villi of the surrounding parts of the duodenum
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It is questionable if it can re-ingraft itself on a peritoneal surface.
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perience of the Old "World. A lady at the head of a large
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