orrhage or from sepsis ; they struggle through a period of

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which the inunction is carried out, good dietary, and the absence of spirit-

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Nature^Pharmaceutical Journal — .^.berdeen Journal — Micrographic Dic-

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if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take pleasure in

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mew's Hospital, and graduated at the University of Lon-

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The benefaction will make possible a notable development in

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which those of the upper posterior cervical triangle are the most char-

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script. When necessary to elucidate the text illustrations will be

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lars" at Quarantine lost only forty out of 2,000 cases.

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part BC, characterized by a rapid, uniform rise; a third part,

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university degree has certainly greater credit associated with it,

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of the meatus urinarius and extending about an inch and a half

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A colored etching by Thomas Rowlandson (English, 1756-1827), London, 1792 after a design

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it is emptied into a river or lake. There are a number of ways of

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safety. The method of employing it was simple, and with it,

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is volatilized slowly from the skin at the body temperature, so that the

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grain ol the extract of elalerium, having often observed its good efiects

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nth. He was born in Boston in 1823, and graduated from Har-

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3. Lithotresis in children, however young, where the

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bright green color. The oxid of iron and also sulphites are used upon

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miisses, although constituting a great aggregate, the souffle appears later.

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swollen at that time than it is now, and the edema over the symphysis

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the enjoyment of his favorite brand. We need not enlarge on

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niitral lesions, double or single, in which the drug was

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"Apollo was the god of physic and the sender of dis-

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^■"'^ In all disorders of the respiratory tract in which ^STv

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probably near sighted; if it can only be read by holding it away

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great educator, the public and religious press. Cultivate the acquaint-

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presence of antibody to other viruses in the studies by Dubois

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City Infirmary and Magdalen Asylum, and Assistant Do.

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d'ophth., Par., 1892, 3. s., xiv, 533-538. — Bokenham

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opposite side was merely covered with bandages. The patient was supported in

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reg'arded as protein from •whicli five atoms of carbon,

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