and by ner\'ous forces, the d^ree of either of which varies in each
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consideration of obscure problems in medicine, because of the general
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there can be inhibited from the cortex not merely the
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Kirkby Lonsdale ; Dr. J. W. Watkins, Nenton-le-Willows; Dr. J. \V.
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carrot. It Is now imiversally admitted that each infectious disease
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nerves. It is characterized by swelling occurring rather suddenly
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prescribe opium; it can no more touch diabetes itself than it can touch
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and Trousseau' refers to cases completely resolving only after
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the profession for C. (now Dr. C.l-acting on the invitation of a patient
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7 P.M.— Public Dinner of ihe Association in the Banqueting
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piouj opinion of sanitarians, which, it may be hoped, in spite
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^*K -^jtjc nN'^^y^ ^^ ^* claimed by some that it is a frequent accom-
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during cold weather. On that account many of these patients when
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it reaches the prostatic portion of the urethra, from whence it is very
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has recovered from the bath, his temperature must be carefully
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Shibley F. Murphy, M.R.C.S., L.R.U.P., President, in
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other words, it involves the whole motor tracts, from the cortex of the
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ously supposed that ague might be cured by this drug in less than a
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Unlike so-called gall-stones, calculi in the bladder are real stones
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Wylie, Wm., M.D., C.M.Glasg., reappointed Medical Officer of Health for
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tonsils and on the uvula and soft palate. The larynx is sometimes
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propagated by actual personal contact, which may not be the case.
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of a too small orifice to the prepuce in young boys. I have repeatedly
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and crackling soimds are heard, sibilant with wheezing where bronchial
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ease. Unfortunately, however, cases do occur in which the orchitis
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enveloping fibrous overgrowth. The nerve-cells of the semilunar
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soda, and other intestinal antiseptics, is advisable. Usually the anti-
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(luautity of the salivary ferment (ptyaliu) is resorbed and passes out
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was not very closely restricted, although the carbohydrate food
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Sib James Paget presided at the annual general meeting
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fhoiviiig (1) large latly corpuscles, some of which ci ntain pig'
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which for months after an infection shows that at a certain hour the
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This affection is strange, in that, unlike bronchitis, it is limited in
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time of onset is the latter part of the night or early morning, when the
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(Erasmus Wilson Lecturer): The Pathology of Tumours
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669,11.34,1185,1198.1292,1347; bacteriology ill, .5s;
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(Western-Division Royal .^rtillers) has re-igned his commission, which
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cuiTcnt were employed daily. Recovery of voluntary power began in the
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The disease is foimd in operatives who have had to handle wool of
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in most cases rightly so. But the danger of forming a too
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It is equally certain that should local authorities employ ladies to carry
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two attacks of diarrluea. This was possibly due to the pan-
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epidemics will be nialeiially diminished. Our chief f. ar is
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zymotic death-rate during the same period in the large English towns.
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and then accompany these vessels down to the smallest of them, wMch,
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asked were : Was a registered medical man who attended a
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The rule in hysteria is that it especially prevails in neur(^>athic
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