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Root, being applied to the Face or other parts of the
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when called upon to treat a case of asthma, I treat the nose as
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and yet all these experiments failed to produce a frank pneu-
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the pressure of the muscles forcing fluid into the appendix by
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Cudweed in Chap. 180. aforegoing, to which I referr
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cision: three deep sutures left remaining. Wound in left flanlc
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hicle , it prevails againlt the Palfie , Convulfions ,
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sheath around the vessels for long stretches, pressing on the lumen
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P H F shows a verv similar abnormality of the ventricular waves and likewise the waves
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knowledge of the regular studies of the medical curriculum, as taught in this school : and
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Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Alaska. The
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renia, has perhaps taken one or several doses of cathartic pills
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alone due to my system of treatment, but, gentlemen of the
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to these ideas and seemed to be rather indifferent about them. At
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hereof viz. 1 . erf Jan m»i»' ■ Prafium, vel Marrubium