clined to intrigue, lie and'quarrel, and to shirk work. This shirking of work

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which are said to demonstrate that the element, which is

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ders — Neuralgia; Intercostal — Phosphorus; Nerv-

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isfactory which do not give the distinctions of sex and age,

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saw this patient in a recurring attack, she had been taking quite freely

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gistering the death, he shall report the circumstance to

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definitely shown to be the particular purp»ose of glycogene, or

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man. Cowper. Sir C. Wren the Discoverer of Hypodermatic

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Inhibition as a Local Anaesthetic. Inhibition is a local

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later, the cord and nerves may be attached to the sac, but not inti-

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low a physician's name to show the medical specialty.

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allowed. The uterus was found anteflexed and slightly

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to oblige their neurological confreres, provided the latter could make

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treatment, as reported by Prof. Baginsky was 40.25 per

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of blood was drawn from an ear vein from each animal every -4 days until

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The human entoza are numerous, and much important information has

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*1886. Welch, William H., M.D., 935 St. Paul St., Baltimore.

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slowly, without pain, in a person habitually costive, and who may

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far seems least pertinent because of its lack of correlation to clinical

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irritative lesion; a tumour or heemorrhage may first cause

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and night-sweats. He said, also, that after four months

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non-spreading, yellowish-white pellicle formed, consisting of necrotic

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in conjunction with the annual meeting of the State Med

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central respiratory tract maturation. 15 16 Theophylline has

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London: SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15 Waterloo Place.