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2d. The amount of fibrin is increased, especially in the severe
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dorff's Annalen. xxxi.) — Tartaric, racemic, citric, and malic acids
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than in European countries. In Bengal the " probable true
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chin not protruding, eyes front, hands closed, knuc-
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the benefit of any representative designated by Mr. Hartsell and
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clauses, to the Committee of 186G, which unhesitatingly con-
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notwithstanding the terrible condition of his limbs. The urine continued
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consulting practice, have together afforded a field for clinical
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tivalence, or the symbols and number of atoms of each in pro-
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But how many millions of presentiments have not been verified ? How many times has
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of violent excitement. But recovery may take place even when the case has
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After 50 years of age, when, as a rule, the operation for
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to make the operation, which was done on the 17th of Novem-
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the results of experiment. Leyden found, in a characteristic case of
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tions of Children. By Alfred Millikin, M. D., of Court-
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in Great Britain and Ireland, the cholera did not count 30,000 victims.
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those whose means do not necessitate it. Success here largely
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men in the hospital from the excessive use of them.
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practical clinical value, with a denmnstration of the blood
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very confident that the disease which is now on the increase
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Stimulating liniments are serviceable in aiding resolu-
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favourite operation of the author. In the present edition he has not modi-
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only lesions discoverable were some peritoneal adhe-
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tion in earnest. It is workers she wants, not great names, and
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there been more valuable progress than in the treatment of the
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The author concludes that " the sex of the child is determined at the
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inhibition. 6. Ilsemic murmurs are more readily inhibited
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Examination showed extensive destruction of the epiglottis by ulcer-
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fingers which were webbed; (2) transposition of viscera; (3) abnormal
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cannot be sufficiently identified by microscopic examination, but for identification