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malaria. This bloodsucker I believed to be the mos-
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Salter mentions, as a curious and common attendant upon the
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the bowels, with excessive flatulent rumblings; or when the disease
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logical student; nervous temperament : family history
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and in the Chicago Medical Journal, June, 1880. To the last of these articles is
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upon the scale of diopters., from which a rough estimate
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moral character, and possesses a good English educa-
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in the right ventricle, it presented an unusually large number of colour-
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Among the causes, heredity lias been considered important. Occupa-
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attractive to skaters, has led to such marked desertion o'f
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skin, it may involve the lips and nose and ears —
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of a decrease in or cessation of the glycogen-forming
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and a large number of Deiter's cells are visible. Nearly the whole
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able diagnostic technique. To do this test, dye is injected into
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There are men in the country who have the spirit to look
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tients to use this modality at home. Either the subcu-
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of carbon dioxid per hour and a woman about 0.4 of a cubic foot. Dur-
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rosy, where there is at first a congestion of the neurilemma, and later
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explanation, that the effect produced was due to the radiant
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being used at the Radium Chemical Works at Lansdowne, near
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tion. At prefent, all the attention of adminiiLration ought to
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by stereotyped methods. The severity of the pathologic process
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miasmatic or miasmatic-contagious affection. As a rule, com-
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can actually be seen in the substance of the dura mater, in the form of
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may sometimes avoid circumscribed adhesions within the area of a
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Mr. Austin's estate of Barwon-park. The number of their
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amination. I regret that the extreme modesty of this
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though very troublesome, is not incompatible with life.