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physician can utilize in making therapeutic use of the drug which
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we suspect an abscess ; finally, we must treat the meningitis.
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as you know, can correct only a deviation of two lines, whereby
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to see Amanda, daughter of J. H. D., residing in the town
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lesions. The line of the epiphysis and diaphysis rises only
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The morning newspaper, often read through before breakfast;
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by the annual appearance of Mr. Vick's very prettily gotten-up
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sixty-nine years. It undoubtedly was the exciting cause
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have appeared in leading medical journals, as well as several books,
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of Baltimore, Md., has, during the past decade, made
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date of the traumatism (Ferraton). At first their sympto-
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know how far each contributes to the results. It was soon as-
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of the medical attendant. Twenty-six States in the Union have
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of the State of New York. He held a commission as first lieutenant
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phacelation, as we have seen. Whether or not there has been
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Brown gives a very timely and welcome account of the present
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of Mines, Columbia University, pursuing the course of chemistry
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clinical student of such eminent men as |. Marion Sims, E.
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statement that medicine cured where no medicine was given.
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hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice is normal or even excessive. That gas-
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He was affable and courteous to all ; warm and constant
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medical department of their government under one medical organiza-
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ous cataract in the left eye, and doubted whether the right eye
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number two handsome full-page chromo lithographic plates.
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The indications for its use are at hand in every Materia
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employed as engineer at the East Boston reservoir, of severe
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pared for your coming by taking a good dose of physic."
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strong ; respiration hurried, irregular, labored, stertorous, cheeks
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very different from those of the preceding age. The tendency
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Southern Society, representing the South not alone by
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comes ethylism or exhilaration. Pure alcohol will not injure the