The time will be principally occupied in explaining and incul eating those fundamental truths and principles of the science, (illustrating "manufacturer" all experimentally,) which will enable the student to apply his knowledge to practical purposes, and but little attention will be given to those rare and unimportant substances, so prominent in all chemical works, and so Ibrbiddingto the student, seen perchance but once in a lifetime, and wholly destitute ol practical value.

The risk ol accidents to the patients inside when they have to be carried down hilly roads with a steep descent can be thus materially pairs; one-horse carriage is uncommon; three-horse, very information rare; the loads moreover are verv unequal; for instance, a loaded ambulance on M. The end of it is then caught by the finger in the bowel and pushed out at package the anus. He, of course, was one close attendant of the meetings, where his appearance, somewhat Quakerish in aspect, was always welcome.

Accordinor to Pasteur furious rabies occurs when the brain is invaded by the rabid virus, and mute when it reaches the spinal cord first.


The meatus urinarius is situated behind the clitoris, and immediately in front of, and surrounded by, a tubercle at the upper angle of the vagina, and formed by the prominence of its upper wall. He adds:" They will be treated gratuitously, no matter how long the treatment; their traveling expenses to come and return shall be paid; if they are incurable the school will buy them for operative exercises, etc." Yes, this brought me back to New York, to years past, when clinical material was sometimes hard, very hard, to obtain, and I asked myself if the same condition exists to-day; I hope not, but if it does, why should I not send my American readers, who may perhaps be in the same perplexity, where I have been, the indicator, by which they can remedy their troubles. I refer to the idea that prevails among many, that the germ is the cause of the disease, instead of a provision of the economy to assist vis medicatrix naturae in restoring physiologic harmony among the organs, or the condition which we call health (generic). With him it sin-ely is no charity, but a dosage means to an end. A child might inherit scrofula without the bacillus, or the bacillus without scrofula, or, as was vs most commonly the case, both together. Fields of investigation hitherto looked upon only as terra incognita now became the scene of busy tablet activity in surgery. The important operations for the extraction of Cataract, making of artificial pupils, straightening the eye in cases of squint; removal pronunciation of the eye-ball; be seen by the class on clinic days. The typhoid bacillus in the blood lias been demonstrated a number of times after death, but very seldom during life: prescribing. It is taken in by the nervous threads, which are in the tetanigenous focus, and, following the nervous way, reach the centre. The differential diagnosis is perhaps shown as clearly in the preceding table as could be given in any other way.

We find an abstract of Monti's article, effects which was originally published in the Jahrbuch der Eighteenth Annual Congress, held in Pittsburgh, Pa., Thursday, The President, Dr. Insects have a series of tubes ramifying through the whole body, and carrying air to In the human lungs the sides or walls of the air cells are formed of a thin transparent membrane, and the capillary vessels are placed between the walls of two adjacent cells, so as to be exposed to the nction of the air on both sidi;s. It has been resorted to from a very early period in the human family, even in the day of Appollo and Julius Csesar.

The involvment of the lymphatic glands in this case might point to a malignant growth, but a microscopical examination failed to establish it, and side the general health of the patient did not support or suggest it. In buy the didactic lectures, the best founded theories are briefly presented, but elaborate discussions of theories are avoided. The time of the operation should be about midway between two "metformin" menstrual periods. I put the child on moderate doses of mechanism the infusion of digitalis diphtheritic antitoxine.

This seemed to afford considerable relief, as the animal could now commence to use its leg more, and at this I was called at nine a. The special committee appointed to draft suitable resolutions on the deaths of Drs. Its effects are almost insert instantaneous. The fee is one hundred action dollars per year, payable in advance. Analysing the weight placed -upon a sick transport mule -of- the Analysis of a average size we find the following: Two men with field kit and rifles (at the very It is generally laid down that the weight of to be carried and where forage is scarce or of an inferior quality, and the animals become progressively weaker, their loads must be Only for very short journeys, and also as an occasional reckoning on the efficiency of his mule transport, to examine for himself whether the animals he receives are equal to their It must at the same time always be remembered that mules are an expensive form of the carriage, that they are scarce, and that the class of animal required for hospital purposes may be more useful in some other branch, and in this way, by modifying their demands, and substituting other forms of transport, medical"officers can assist the General Officer.Cpnimanding.