the ureteric orifices continued; and that the tone of
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amararum, which had been employed to attain this end, and the
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methods in vogue. In addition to over ninety plates
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Figure of Same, showing Effect of Partial Self-suspension in correcting De-
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slight, in contrast with the pronounced macroscopic
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to excision, and in a higher degree, as contra-indicating ampu-
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that kind, and they especially should be sought out
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propulsion of the lens, which sometimes occurs when the sec-
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generally inculcated is, that in any case where it is likely to prove
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prevent them from floating free in the blood stream.
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teenth century to its close. One of the most inter-
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operation of all three, certain it is, that when the asphyxia is com-
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tissues of a depressed nasal bridge in a position of
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which it is transmitted, so closely resemble what is
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Federal Board of Vocational Elucation, Vol. I, No. lo.
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the foot, we make use of a foot-piece, as already described,
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mintic and antispasmodic remedies, was attacked suddenly one morn-
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childhood and adolescence the tibia is much oftener
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of the profession, and to show also a reason for my
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cipal cause of these diilerent toxemias be dififerent,
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132; scarlet fever, twenty; tulx-rculosis, sixty; in-
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Healthy suppuration came on. The first bandages were re-
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I am quite sure that more harm is done to the cere-
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practice of leeching the epigastrium early in the disease. 2nd.
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seat of disease ;" — and this he does on grounds which have
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crania! chains are in accordance with i:ie anatomical
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turbance. Study of this sign is of especial iinpor-
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temperature of the place. It is perfectly limpid, and sparkles briskly
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chronic affection. Is this true of any acute primary inflamma-
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despite of the most accurate search, neither in the head nor in any
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serves mention on account of the influence exercised on the
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condemned in no qualified or measured terms — declared to be
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and physiology. The reader of the first paper spoke of a certain
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the shaft ; and no crepitus could be produced. The outer part
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placed in the uterus an inch from the lower incision
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better still, take the baby to a good eye doctor at once.
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I am sorry to say, is not the case, although I have seen enough to jus-
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der, kidneys, etc., and if not eliminated from these