A noble profession cannot ignore the fact that its status in society largely depends upon the respect is it has for itself. The cells of the exudate separated from the serum undergo autolysis and are capable of digesting foreign protein; but if to the cells the exuded serum "mg" is added, digestion is wholly inhibited. We have put our seal upon every 100 member of it, as fit and worthy to be entrusted with the care of human life and health, and.to do credit to his alma mater.


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But will it be absorbed? Some surgwns maintain that pure silk, being an animal product, will ultimately be completely absorbed if it remains sterile, and many facts certainly seem to show that pathologist to the Montreal G-ener'al Hospital, had some cultures made to test the celluloid thread of Pagenstecher (vide Montreal Medical thread was kept in alcohol without previous boiling, it was sterile; and be a valuable addition to the surgeon's armamentarium, because it is a very strong material (linen thread coated with celluloid), and if not boiled but used directly from alcohol it should be aseptic on account of its celluloid coating, which boiling removes, but alcohol hardens: drinking.

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