cay. Such substances retard or prevent the growth and activity of micro-

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It has been recommended in gout and rheumatism. It is

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essential for us to find out, if we may be pardoned for using so

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during the "Week ending Saturday, June 22, 1872, in the'

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The destructive agent used in any given case will vary

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because they consist of blood serum, and will be alka-

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showed the livers extensively diseased; whether this was a coincidence or

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such as JCS Directives, Concept of Operation, National Intelligence

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24 hours would be sufficient to destroy the whole of

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the article on this subject is otherwise unimpeachable. The

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frequently interact with workers involved in industrial hy-

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In severe cases, inflammation of the Jungs is often found combined with

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vailing atmosphere, cumuli, generally fine and dear weather. Prevailing wind, N W. Mean atnio»-

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have the operation of closing the ileocecal valve repeated, but not

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practical result was obtained with certain poisons which in normal doses

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trunks of the liver, stomach, and intestines, while a

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We are, therefore, justified in applying antitoxin not

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dually decreasing the quantity taken. This is the method

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tedious, I considered this an excellent opportunity to make a

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upon the woman are said to be so unsatisfactory as to cause

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spasmodic contraction and pain of an intense character.

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minute; lips and nails cyanotic, and the most distressing cough I have ever

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tion of diseases ; but in cases only where they have

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' Address of the president at the annual meeting of the Onon-

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cases may end fatally, the surgical cliniques afford ample evidence

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a greater set of men, both morally and intellectually speaking, ever

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Diphtheria. — Dk. Stokes obsei'ved. — I beg leave to lay before the Society

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of pain at the back of his head and of gid- pain had produced irritation of the whole

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Apart, however, from the inherent improbability of the en-

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uterine congestion, or follicular disease of the cervix ; or if she

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