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with a mild solution of boric acid. The silver-solution is to
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walking, sitting, and moving the body. The secretion, which in this
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tity of omentum; this I recognized at once from the opacity of the
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much mucous or hemorrhage, the foot of the bed or table
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will necessarily be obliged to send in his resignation as Dean
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bibes water, swells and explodes. All this occurs within
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tions which foretell kindly union. He is not satisfied with
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benzoate, about ten grains as frequently as needed, may be alter-
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Anthrax is an infectious disease of domestic animals, com-
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tinued, owing to severe lancinating pains in the thigli.
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matter to some, to others it is a task of great difficulty, requiring
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eously. One is where the patient does not lose his head, so
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the pain of witnessing epileptic fits; but it is unfor-
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cient to call for so prompt and efficient a measure as bloodletting, relief
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morning, on rising, movements are particularly slow, rigid, jerking, so
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taken into the stomach ; also that the results are more certain, and
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of the right supernumerary bronchus are small masses of a semi-opaque, mucoid
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from chloroform. The next day he was given a cathartic and his bow-
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Cask 3, Section W. — Jolm Robertson, si'coiid lieutenant, Sixth
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sues. You will call to mind what was said of the possible agency
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The kidneys presented numerous nodules, both upon the surface and
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korper vordringenden Arterieuschlinge. Klin. Mouatsbl.
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sometimes vomiting; unloads the biliary organs, dislodges