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zinc, sulphate of zinc, bichloride of mercury, iodine, chlorine gas and chlo-
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question of removing garbage has become one of grave
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gentle palpation is balloon-like to the feel; during palpation, however,
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superior type of respiration. In these cases systematic
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Medical Transactions of the College of Physicians of London*
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ment he has carried out. I have had the opportunity
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of the tongue, probably resulting from previous aphthiB. Repeated
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value of £40 per annum, and tenable for two years, or until
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First Experiment. — The macroscopic observation showed
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Small-pox is sometimes mistaken for chicken-pox. Measles is not always
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secretes a bland fluid. This fluid resembles dilute serum, and is
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a melanotic sarcoma of the eye was followed by the develop-
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ing to Heusinger, carbonaceous food used in excess tends to the pro-
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it was founded on a Christian principle, and, indeed, suggested
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cover-glass applied by a sort of sliding movement, best obtained by using forceps in
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months. When from any cause it is not properly effected, menor-
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Symptomatology. — The symptoms may develop suddenly, fol-
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the neck was gradually dilated until the seat of inver-
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memory of words and that of co-ordinated movements necessary
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begins to descend. Until tiie thirty-eigiith to the thirty-ninth week of preg-
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proofs were necessarily committed to unpracticed hands.
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yellow to reddish, or colorless; color in media, none to red to deep purple, almost black,
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Others, in more severe cases, are seen to extend over the
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A thrombus is more or less firmly adherent to the wall of the vessel. It
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tion of dental instruments, 902; memorial resolutions
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be eliminated by the kidneys, leads to many important consequences. By
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of the Royal Army Medical Corps" will (unless the Author notified at the time of
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Fever, by increasing the waste of tissue and the excretion of carbonic
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this Society, died February 11, 1802, in his tent at
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larged, and was removed; the fimbriated extremity of the Fal-
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toxin the tissues of the horse are again and again stimulated and sustained
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a regular graduate forfeit his professional .standinc by
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the care of Dr. J. Mitchell Bruce, a warrant that every point which
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succession of similar elevations and depressions, or maintain a nearly
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nal, through the courtesy of its editor, a graceful trib-
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to such insidious attacks on the very basis of all morality,
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consequent on the addition of onions to the dietary. I think