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the coma. Other things being equal, the prognosis is unfavorable in propor-
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complaints for the last few years has convinced me of
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and often their only symptom is of "something drop-
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last past, he has discontinued it ; he is, however, occasionally subject to
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The yard and cellar of the house contains a large mass of decompos-
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The influence of temperature on the rennin ('oa<;uhiti()n luis been
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tion, in Denver, on "The Surgery of the Lungs, ' in
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should be taken apart, and the flannel washed and dried well
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atrophied muscles, consisted in thorough galvanization of the j)arts, friction,
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of arsenic and antimony, the aniline dj^es, ipecac and eme-
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1895,xxxiii, 35-42.— dc Schwriiiilz (E. A.) Trikresolas
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lished Practice, relinquished in consequence of advancing
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of the optic tracts. In the discovery of these ] —
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relation between abnormal digestive processes and disease
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the malady. In that year cholera, apparently first showing
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The bone-marrow becomes the seat of great activity. Its usual yellow
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melano sai coma of the anterior portion of eye-ball. Vir-
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first the muscular convulsions were confined to the posterior
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system, the diseases of which it is our business to treat. The vast
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In a considerable proportion of the cases in which post-mortem exami-
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in passing through the cities and inhabited spots of the
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department heads to the university, specialty and subspe-
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surgeon, and a double cannula inserted. The patient
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pfiilz. Aerzte, Frankenthal, 1898. xiv, 24-27.— Koeli
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burgh and found 1 in 55 confoun^led red with green ;
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tardation will give the economy more time, with the aid of
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lecture rooms constituting the entire " plant " of the
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it was founded on a Christian principle, and, indeed, suggested
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tongue, in the morning, is furred, the mouth pasty, the taste de-
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logic and general symptoms the same as before, except that her station
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evident signs of pneumonia and with a very low death-rate ;