sudden death of Dr. Lowe and tlie entrance of the new Superintendent
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ago, I had the details of the Pharmacopaia at my fingers' ends,
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precautionary provisions will necessarily be inadequate to
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and when it is proposed to administer an ana;sthetic
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General Senn. After the addresses follow several interesting
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disinfection and washing of soiled clothing. Flies seize every
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time. He has now been abstinent five months, and has
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hours, and at the expiration of that time they were soaked
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plate cultures and counting tlie colonies, were carried out as in the pre-
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and a vein. When this communication is direct, the chief change
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for the single qualification of apothecary are not dealing with
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14. Flatulence and gastric discomfort were present in 23 cases with
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African coast, in Brazil, and in the West Indies. Filaria lentis has been
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A necropsy was made fourteen hours after death ; rigor
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last-mentioned fact is especially interesting since clinical experience
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form is more rapidly fatal than the previous one, but is also so associ-
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part of the suggestion was lost. Tlie proposed duties for the
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intestines, and our attention is caUed to them only when they are
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ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL, Bournemouth. -Ophthalmic Surgeon.
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were the most refractory. The most persistent dyers were
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don. (K) E. B ; Ethmoid: W. J. S. Ewan, M.B., Aberdeen. (F) Mr.
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creamy, puriform matter. A still later stage shows that, as in the case
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watery effusion, should be very carefully disinfected before making the
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real reason for holding the inquiry was to find out whether
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most probable proof of which is from allusions to widespread epidemics
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in active practice, and whilst one would hesitate to criticise
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the present time in Eppin? and the neighbourhood. One
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day, June 2.8th, v M. Agenda :-lnaugural address by the President
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