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Indian kala-azar, — ^As with all diseases tending to a chronic course it
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Northington, J. M., Charlotte, Med. Coll. of Va., 1905 1909 1909
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The food should consist largely of milk, eggs, cereals, boiled fish, the
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evacuation of the bowel, with the minimum loss of strength to
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the chest, whether within the sac of the pleura, hydro-pleura, or within
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2. That the chronic lesions within the stomach which can
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of such a treatise placed before him in a concise and
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the routine way of prescribing them at Hot Springs.
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the treatment of three hundred cases at the North London
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AerzlB. Basel, 1888, xviii, 713-721.— Eiseiulralli (D. N.)
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in the hot colour. Nitro-muriate of tin is the mordant for red,
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plated vessels now in the course of construction by the Hritisli Cio-
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diseases today is greatly enhanced by high tech (pap smears,
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Lea, E. : Complete Heart Block with Higher Ventricular than Auricular
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the economical use of quinia must not be attempted. It should be
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148 and Section 41a amending the same, of an Act passed in the 54th year of Her
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from the temperature of the atmosphere to that of the body,
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numerous in inflammatory conditions of the abdominal viscera (peri-
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committees not otherwise provided for; he shall de-
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cirrhotic livers, hardened arteries, shrunken kidneys, inflamed stomachs,
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sometimes so great as to prevent closure of the lids, and the eyeballs are
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nest effort can be made useful, economical, practical, and serviceable, it
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associated with a temperature of 104° F. (40° C.) or higher. In adynamic types,
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typical. On laboratory examination, there is usually mild
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The disease is sometimes slowly progressive. In one case under our
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the time of the accident, in a child of 10 years ; in the second
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uterus and the ovaries were normal, but their peritoneal
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extensors of the knee be involved in the wasting, when the knee-jerk is
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phenomena, troubles of sensation or of vasomotor innervation in the
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eidisted men, it folhtws, that to keep the ranks of these 536,000 en-
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into the whole subject. He found, from a series of well-devised
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from fracture, necrosis, or syphihs of any part of the skull, it will probably
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by forced dorsal extension, only to cause more pain. By